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First-Step Financial Group is helping people across the United States become debt free and prosperous.

Envision all of your deficits being liquidated faster than you ever expected and being 100% DEBT FREE. Whether it be your mortgage, credit cards, auto loans, student loans, taxes or even family loans, First-Step Financial Group will put you in a position where ALL of your debt will become completely paid off in nearly 1/3 to 1/2 the time or receive a 100% money-back guarantee.

It's all possible and we can help!!!

First-Step Freedom Plan

Our goal is to help people recognize the need for an effective plan of action and the wisdom in automating the rapid pay down of their debts. Most people in America are living in debt and are paying a fortune in interest payments throughout their lives. The lack of financial planning for the future is an American tragedy. Paying interest for more than 30 years is a profound waste of money and a result of poor planning. But this is exactly what most Americans are doing.


Budgeting and Personal Finance

Our culture does a poor job of teaching important money management principles. We feel strongly about the need for better financial education. First-Step Financial Group offers a free no-obligation analysis on personal finance to families, individuals, employee groups, church groups and other organizations. Understanding and then implementing sound financial principles is the key to establishing real financial peace of mind.

Debt Consolidation?

First-Step Financial Group is not a hardship program like consumer credit counseling or debt settlement. Those types of programs are usually for individuals who are cash negative and are looking for alternatives to bankruptcy.

What we do is different. We work with individuals and families who are cash positive. This means you are able to pay at least minimum payments on all of your monthly bills.

First-Step Financial Group helps you achieve financial freedom by helping you avoid the foregoing hardship situations! Fill out our FREE no-obligation Analysis Guide to receive your free consultation. First-Step Financial Group can help you build equity faster, eliminate your debt, and become prosperous! You have nothing to lose. Contact us now!

The leading cause of divorce in the United States is debt
97% of Americans at age 65 cannot comfortably write a check for $600
54% of Americans at age 65 still work and are unable to retire
3% of Americans at age 65 are financially free
78% of baby boomers have mortgage debt
59% of baby boomers have credit card debt
56% of baby boomers have car payments
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